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Higher search engine rankings are means more money! Simple as that. You will get more traffic which leads to more clicks and then to more sales. Quit wasting your time with fiverr micro gig sites buying little SEO gigs thinking THAT’S gonna rank your site to the first page of google. They are designed to be worth $5 and they are just toned down gigs of what we do 24/7 all month! Most SEO companies charge a minimum of $350 per keyword for a month, with a contract of a minimum of 6 months, and they will not guarantee ranking improvement for 9 months when you look at their small print. We are buy far the most affordable SEO company on the market. Our methods are proven effective methods that have ranked thousands of websites to the first page of google! We use the same techniques that the top shelf SEO firms use but with a fraction of the cost!

With Us, You Get Nothing But The BEST!


  • First – We Analyze And Create A Strategy.

    Yes, that’s right, every website is different, which means every website it gonna have a different strategy to rank in it’s niche. There is not a “One Size Fit’s All” SEO campaign, and unlike other SEO companies, we look into every site as an individual and create the best monthly strategy for your website. We are also one of the few services that allow not only unlimited keywords and pages, but we do not require a contract. We know that you will be so happy with your websites new rankings that you will stay on board. Other websites not only charge you per keyword, but they make you sign up for a 6 month contract and they don’t even guarantee excellent results until month 9!

  • Second – We Optimize And Build A Solid Infrastructure

    Most seo services just start building low quality links at their clients websites hoping and guessing that’s the way to start ranking their keywords. Before we do anything, we make sure your site has a steady and sturdy base to build on, off page and on page. We need to make sure you are indexed, and submitted into the search engines. We also do keyword research and not only find the best keywords that will be the most beneficial to your site, but we also do a rank check to see where your search engine rankings are at the moment. So don’t worry if you do not know what the absolute best keywords are to rank for, we will do that for you :)

  • Third – We Write Content And Build Links

    Once we decided on the absolute best keywords to target for your site, and once we build a solid base, we then start building links and ranking your site high in the search engines. We have a very strict agenda of campaigns for your website. Everyday is a different campaign and we spend hours upon hours creating new content, building new links and ranking your site effectively and rather quickly. Unlike other cheap seo services, they just grab content and articles they find online, spin it and use that on their clients seo campaigns. That’s just horrible and can actually give your website worse rankings in the long run. All content we use is written by our team of content writers and is completely unique.

  • Article Writing, Press Releases, Wiki Submissions, Directory, GuestBook, Web 2.0 & Marketing

    IconThese are by far the most important SEO techniques and it’s only effective when it’s properly submitted and distributed, and that’s what we do best. At Astonished Rankings, we write quality articles daily for your campaigns, no other search engine optimization company will do that for your monthly campaigns.  It is all about writing keyword rich content, and doing such with fresh idea’s and not with “stolen” or “spun” content like other services. Surrounding your contextual backlinks with niche related content is very important and most seo companies will not do it because it takes time, and that’s something they don’t like giving their customers.

  • Blog Commenting, Trackbacks, Pingbacks, Product Reviews, Image Comments + Much More

    IconCommenting on relevant & quality blogs using appropriate anchors is another great way of generating link juice. With most of our packages, we will generate a good amount of links by commenting on dozens of blogs every month. We strongly believe in diversity and varying your backlinks, so we also give you backlinks by doing product reviews, trackbacks, pingbacks, image comments and other various methods. This is an absolute must because it eliminates any footprint and gives your website a solid backlink structure that will last you a lifetime.

  • In-Depth Competitor Analysis & Keyword Analysis

    IconAlways wondering why your competitors are on the first page of google and you are not? Well, let’s find out! We run a full backlink report on your competitors and see all the sites they backlinks to, then we backlink those sites to yours as well! This is a great way to not only find backlinks but backlinks that are obviously already working, you get to see what they have that you don’t. Don’t know what keywords to rank your site for? No worries! We also do a full keyword analysis to figure out what’s the absolute best keywords to rank for your website. Don’t you want to rank for the top 100 targeted keywords in your niche? Of course you do! Most sites will attempt to rank your site with 1 to 3 keywords and just your homepage. That’s the worst thing you can do! Just having backlinks to one page on your site is a red flag to google. We rank your site for 100′s and 100′s of keywords that are related to your niche, and we also rank all your web pages. Can you imaging your site being on the first page of google 4 times because you are ranking 4 different pages for that specific keyword? Yeah, it happens and it’s wonderful! It’s all about dominating that first page and kicking off your competitors.

  • Social Media Marketing, Social Bookmarks, Twitter Links, Yahoo Answer Links, Forum Profiles Forum Posts & Lots Lots More….

    IconSocial Media is king right now, and that is NOT opinion, that is fact. Social media is the absolute best way to get solid & fast keyword ranking links to your website and fast. Google, among other search engines like Yahoo & Bing, absolutely love when a website has a great social media presence. This is an absolute must for any site that wants to rank high in the search engines. Though we can’t give away our exact methods in our campaigns, but you get a campaign everyday with all of these for a great price. In fact, this is absolutely considered a cheap seo service all the way. We are not here to over-charge anyone, we have a great structure in place that allows us to give great prices and all the while not degrading any of our services. There is a reason why people consider us the best seo service and there is a difference of being a cheap seo service and an affordable seo service. We may have the lowest prices, but we are not “cheap”, we are “affordable”.